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Domain Hosting

When you make the decision to have an internet domain name for your business (i.e. www.mybiz.com) there are a few things to consider.  First, the domain name will need to be registered through an authorized Registrar, and in order to make it publicly available it has to be "hosted" on a valid internet Nameserver.  Many Registrars offer domain hosting when you first register your domain name, but if you are not sure what to do next, you might not make the best decision for your business needs.

The choice you make for hosting your domain will affect your website design options, your email delivery strategy, and your customer service experience through the entire lifespan of your business.  We know all the ins and outs, and we work with a quality Registrar to make sure that your website and your email work the way you and your clients need them to.

Our tech support is highly personalized, so that if and when you experience a problem with email delivery or your website being "down" we go to work immediately to find and remedy the problem.  Our server tech support staff is available 24/7 and are highly trained and experienced in tracking down the cause of any service outage or problem you may have.  We have a reputation for quality tech support, and we take that very seriously.